8 Herbs to Boost Your Memory and Brain Health

Forgetfulness, lack of focus, mental fatigue! Given the hectic schedule and our daily challenges, our brain is overworked and often overwhelmed with no allocated time to rest.

The good news is mother nature is here to save us from misery. She is equipped with tools to boost our brain and revive mental prowess.

Here’s a list of herbs that can improve memory and focus.


Herb of Grace (Bacopa Monnieri), is used for brain health for centuries as a part of ancient Ayurvedic medication. It enables better synergy between the left and right spheres of brain and increases focus and memory power. It is also beneficial in treating insomnia, helps build up your emotional support system, supports your adrenal system and reduce anxiety levels.

The application of the Brahmi oil has a calming effect. Brahmi leaves can be consumed with hot or cold water or even milk. Another standard way is to use in the form of a paste or tablets with Brahmi extracts.


Holy Basil (Ocimum Tenuiflorum), referred as the Village doctor, in ancient India is still considered sacred in Ayurveda. The medical benefits of the Tulsi are extensive. From boosting your immune system to improving your digestive system, the Tulsi is one wonder herb that helps almost every part of your body. It stimulates blood circulation to the brain that regularizes the oxygen supply as a result.
You can enjoy maximum benefit by chewing the tender Tulsi leaves with a bit of honey. Alternatively, the liquid extracts of Tulsi with honey are equally useful. If you can't find the leaves, you could also have herbal capsules made with Tulsi extracts.


Indian Ginseng (Withania Somnifera), is in many ways one of the most effective naturally available mind boosters. Whether you are overworked or extremely burnt out, it’s a great option to rejuvenate yourself. It is an excellent herb to limit brain deterioration and treat nervous exhaustion. Ashwagandha additionally, also helps in boosting your immune system and enables greater clarity of the mind.
So if you are a little depressed and feeling burnt out, try sipping a cup of tea flavored with Ashwagandha. You can also enjoy Ashwagandha powder with milk and honey.

Gotu Kola

Asiatic pennywort (Centella Asiatica), traditionally found in South East Asia and India, this herb is also commonly seen in Australia. Gotu Kola is one of the best natural herbs to maintain your brain balance and boost your mind. Regular intake significantly improves your cognitive functions, memory and blood circulation. Enhanced blood flow means better oxygenation of the brain. In many ways, this is a very crucial function and helps in providing long-term gains for your brain.
You can consume these leaves raw in a salad or blend it with tea or a smoothie. 


Acorus calamus, traditionally used in ancient medicine to treat the nervous disorder. Today it is considered one of the most effective mind boosters available. It helps in clear thinking, improves focus and concentration and stimulates the brain cells. This is why Vacha is seen as a herb of choice to treat slow thinking and sluggish brain function. It stimulates every element in the brain and brings about a holistic cognitive balance.
Vacha can be applied externally or can be taken in the form of pills made with Vacha extracts.


Well, I am sure you have heard about this wonder herb. Its intense aroma makes it a fantastic culinary condiment. Whether you are baking a chicken or making pasta, the heady charm of the Rosemary is hard to resist. But it is not just a great culinary element; it also helps in improving your overall brain function.

Just inhaling the Rosemary oil enhances your mental efficiency and ability to focus significantly. Moreover, the Rosemary oil is also seen as an effective cure for memory retention. For anyone keen to master a new skill, this is a very active catalyst.
Both the fresh and sun-dried options are equally effective. You can mix it with warm water or enjoy with a variety of foods.


This is a Chinese moss that has recently gained a lot of attention as a potential cure for Alzheimer's disease. It is believed to boost brain abilities and improve your memory power. Select research also indicates that it also helps by blocking an enzyme that is instrumental in the destruction of the acetylcholine. This is that key neurotransmitter which enables transmission of information from one brain cell to another.
Huperzine-A is available in capsules. So, you can take recommended dosages after consulting with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Ginkgo Biloba

has now been used for centuries to enhance the mind's cognitive functions. Studies indicate that it could also be instrumental in the regeneration of brain cells and their revival. It is beneficial for developing memory power and improving attention span too.
Ginkgo Biloba's leaf extract is available in a variety of food supplements. However, chewing the fresh leaves generate a far better effect.
The beneficial impact of these herbs has been recognized for centuries and extensively used in herbal medicine. Given the present-day challenges, regular use of these herbs can significantly improve our mental abilities.
Please note that these are incredibly potent natural remedies. If you have any medical issue, discuss with your doctor first.

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