Holistic Rituals Around the World

Holistic rituals from across the world, whether it is the tea ceremonies or use of music, shiatsu massage, meditation or qigong all aim at establishing a perfect harmony between our outer self and inner soul.

Almost every healing ritual, trending today is deeply rooted in ancient practices of our ancestors.


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Yoga: This 5000-year-old Indian practice of wellness has taken many forms over time, has adapted to the needs of different cultures and is now widely accepted as a great alternative to medication and therapy. Yoga means the union of the external self with your inner most consciousness to experience ultimate body balance. It helps you activate the energy centers in your body.

AyurvedaThis alternative medication form that is inspired by nature, has also breached the Indian borders. Be it turmeric, neem or the holy basil, tulsi, people across the world now recognize the benefits of these healing herbs.

Crystal HealingCrystals are believed to be capable of transforming our energy and mood. The energy gemstones and crystals emanate, resonates with our body's vibrations and help maintain the body balance.


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Zen Meditation: This is known as one of the most effective means to relieve daily stress and work pressure. You can meditate in your house, office or even while traveling. Meditating just before sleep can help insomnia.

ReikiThis ancient Japanese art of spiritual healing is based on maintaining the balance and harmony of vibrations emanated from our body. One of the most commonly used treatment to cure stress related disorders, it works simultaneously on your spiritual, mental and physical self to bring in a holistic experience.

Incense Therapy: In many ways, this is quite similar to aroma therapy and useful for reducing stress. The deep soothing fragrance of the Japanese incense sticks helps calm your mind and achieve balance and harmony within your entire being.


Tai Chi: From the picturesque parks in Beijing to the busy downtown areas in LA, Tai Chi is now accepted as a valid form of relieving stress world over. Though originally developed for self-defense in ancient China, it is popular for the series of motions that provides a comprehensive exercise capsule that can give you the same benefits as meditation.

Acupressure: known to be extremely effective in curing stress related body ache and muscle pain, it works by relaxing your body and calming the nerves. The energy channels of the body are activated and blockages removed to make sure positive energy flows smoothly.


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Egyptian Massage: This ancient practice was used to treat conditions like cancer-related fatigue, osteoarthritis, lower back pain and post-operative care.

Blue Lotususe of blue lotus is perhaps as old as the Egyptian civilizations. Blue lotus is a popular offering at temples and pyramids. It symbolizes energy, perfection, and wisdom. It is a natural sedative and often used as an anti-convulsant and anti-spasmodic too.


These rituals have taken different names and different forms over history, and it has existed in Greek & Roman history in the shape of ancient bathing tradition, in African rhythmic drumming in Hawaiin Lomilomi massage and ancient Mayan civilization’s herbal medications and calling upon the spirits of the native plants to restore body's harmony.

Overall most of these ancient rituals from the world over, work towards restoring the body’s balance through calming the nerves, activating positive energy centers and positive vibrations.

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